Account opening and management fee

To cover the operational costs of opening and managing the account, the account holder shall pay the following fees:

Account opening fee:
- Installation or aircraft operator:  750,00 kn
- Other legal or natural persons:  750,00 kn

Yearly account managing fee:
- Installation or aircraft operator: 750,00 kn
- Other legal or natural persons:  750,00 kn

Account managing fee is not paid in the first calendar year in which the account is opened.

According to Article 103 (6) of the Air Protection Act (OG 130/11, 47/14), the Minister of environment and nature protection has made the

Decision on account opening and management fees (in Croatian only).

The fee for opening the account should be paid after you receive a notification from the national administrator that the account opening has been approved, at the latest after the account is opened and before the enrolment keys are sent to the authorized representatives.

Payment shall be made to the account:

IBAN:  HR1210010051863000160 (the state budget of the Republic of Croatia)
Model and reference number:  HR65  7005-388-VAT number (for legal and natural persons)

The payment description should state the name of the account for which the fee is paid.
Please co
ntact the Agency about the assistance on the payment.

Yearly account managing fee shall be paid by 31st December of the current year.